The business model of ILA is to offer empowering solutions that meet the criteria of the modern artist to become music-entrepreneurs.  In addition to the artist-friendly record label and music services company that focuses on artist development and recorded music, the Independent label Alliance publishing division, Select Music Group LLC, provides music-publishing to its associated bands, artists, and songwriters.

Working closely with Bucks Music Group, ILA delivers key publishing business-practices including international royalty administration, sync licensing and streamlined royalty collection.ILA publishing operates for all styles and genres of music including Rock, Pop, Electronic, Indie and Americana, and is an official accredited member of the Music Publishers Association (MPA) to safeguard and promote the interests of songwriters signed to ILA.

The ILA mission is to help develop and commercially monetize copyrights and generate synchronization opportunities for its members, whilst remaining efficient, transparent and ethically responsible.