ILA provides access to worldwide distribution in both digital and physical formats. With over 50 countries at our fingertips, including all the major territories such as United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Australia, we provide our labels with the ultimate global reach. Each release is customized and planned by our key account managers in the USA and Europe according to the specific campaign needs to ensure we are tracking each release and sale.

  • Sales
  • Aggregation


It’s all in the marketing. No campaign can create the momentum required to hit success without a clear vision and a detailed strategy. The marketing of a project is born from defining a singular identity & unique band-brand to produce a clear message and effortless communication that fans can easily follow.
Prior to the release-cycle, we create an intricate audience plan that efficiently targets and delivers messages and content throughout the campaign. This strategy is crucial in keeping the momentum and interest in the project being presented. This content includes creative material such as filming, photos, live footage, interviews and localized clips.

  • Advertising
  • Email
  • Digital
  • Retail

Artist Development

Helping artists grow along their journey to success is one of the most rewarding aspects of ILA. It starts with a remarkable artist and captivating music. The biggest struggle for most of these artists is how to prepare for the commercial market. ILA streamlines all creative efforts, from recording to finding musicians or a producer to help bring out the best in each individual artist's music. This creative process then leads to producing striking imagery for the artist, often in the form of logos, photoshoots or standout videos.
The artwork for each single and album cover is meticulously worked on by our design team and then presented to the artist. All of these tools enhance the fan experience and consumer ease.

  • Synch
  • Playlist Strategy
  • Art Direction & Design


Promotion is one of the main vehicles to success.
Great marketing ideas and strategic planning are delivered through a carefully crafted promotional campaign. ILA oversees social media campaigns and targets online bloggers to build a sound foundation. The key requisites are to bring together all elements of the artist’s career and define these for key influencers and taste makers. These elements of the artist's career include live touring, online presence, Spotify playlists, press, radio and video. By utilizing all available media, ILA will help artists build an artistic presence, longevity, and a solid fan base to engage with.

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Digital